Chocolate Orange

It seems that consumers can't get enough of the mix of earthy chocolate and zesty orange. This classic combination has resurfaced recently on everything from chocolate bars to oat milk. The resurgence has been somewhat staggering with a raft of new products featuring this sometimes polarising combination.

As is often the case in the confectionary world, many of these chocolate orange combos are appearing as limited editions, tapping into FOMO as well as triggering pangs of nostalgia. It's not just plain old orange that has slipped it's way into chocolate factories - blood oranges and clementines feature heavily too.


The chocolate orange flavour is a staple of most ranges these days, so it can be tricky to innovate, However, creative haven't been resting on their laurels. There are the special editions of familiar formats, of course, but the real game-changers are the inclusions. From biscuit pieces to honeycomb, and from dried fruit to festive cranberry pieces, these texture and flavour additions are where it's all at.


If bars aren't your thing then there are plenty of bite-sized options as well. Coming both in grab bag formats for easy sofa snacking and decadent gifting options. The very best chocolate orange gifts are the ones you give yourself, of course. We have seen Cadbury's famous chocolate buttons experience a touch of orange, as well as Hotel Chocolat creating indulgent chocolate orange faux macarons - a zesty filling sandwiched between two chocolate buttons.

Liquid Refreshment

After all that eating, it's surely time for a drink, and yes chocolate orange has infused itself in the drinks world too. And there is something for just about every occasion, there are healthy plant-based milk alternatives, indulgent hot chocolates and festive sweet cream liqueurs.

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