Chocolate Releases

As we edge closer to spring, we also encounter plenty of reasons to indulge our sweet tooth and sample the variety of new chocolate creations reaching the market in time for Valentine's Day, Easter and any other celebration made better by a nibble of chocolate.

Tony's Sweet Solutions

As part of their ongoing endeavour to eradicate modern slavery and child labour from the chocolate industry, Tony's Chocolonely have thrown the spotlight upon the industry's major producers by creating four unique bars which will look distinctly familiar to any chocolate fan. Their new Sweet Solutions bars have not been made available in supermarkets, which Tony's insists is due to pressure placed upon the retailers by manufacturers who fear the association of potential child labour and modern slavery, though names such as Nestle have not hesitated to refute these claims and highlight their own efforts in ethical trade. Learn more about their campaign and the flavours here.

Zebra KitKat

An eye-catching creation hitting the shelves in UK and Ireland is the new Zebra KitKat, a marbled version of the classic break time treat, combing a dark chocolate base with a white chocolate top. Given recent accusations, Nestle are keen to state that the bar is produced using Rainforest Alliance Certified cocoa which has been responsibly sourced as part of its wider Cocoa Plan. More information available here.

kitkat zebra

Vego Melts

Well known vegan chocolate brand Vego has released its brand new Melts, designed as the perfect ingredient for both baking and hot chocolate. The melts are made from raw cane sugar, hazelnuts, cocoa butter and extracted vanilla; as well as being totally free from the likes of soy, gluten and wheat. As a result of this, they are a fantastic alternative to chocolate for a great number of people, regardless of being vegan or not. If you are not cooking any time soon or not a fan of hot chocolate, apparently they are also extremely tasty straight from the bag!

Vego launches chocolate melts for baking and hot chocolate

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