CHUO's Sushi Monorail Arrives In Shoreditch

In a Europe first, sushi and izakaya restaurant CHUO has opened its newest location in London's popular Shoreditch area serving up dishes on a moving monorail. And it's exactly as you'd expect from the concept description ... this tech-first restaurant offers visitors a unique experience of sushi and izakaya plates served up on a moving monorail miniature train arriving directly at your table.

One step on from the usual sushi conveyor belt, the new sushi monorail concept is described as CHUO to be serving up Japanese classics of quick value quality, with over 40 different dishes on offer from a menu designed by Head Chef Armanto Tsatsa, previously of Miro Mayfair and Lucky Cat.

The concept works by delivering the dishes you've ordered to your table by monorail, which then travels back to the kitchen once you've taken your plate from it. Then once finished, instead of waiting for someone to clear your plate or placing the dish back onto a passing monorail, you simply post it through a small letterbox positioned on each table.

Find out more about the CHUO on the brand's website here.