Clare Smyth and Anne-Sophie Pic Team Up for an International Women's Day Dinner

It's International Women's Day! To celebrate and highlight the female talent in the culinary world, two world class female chefs are joining forces for one special dinner, with Clare Smyth and Anne-Sophie Pic teaming up at The Four Seasons London on 11th March.

Creating an exquisite five course dinner, the pair will showcase a selection of their own signature dishes, each paired with wine sourced from leading female wine-makers and producers.

Some highlights from the menu:

Potato and roe by Clare Smyth - dulse beurre blanc, herring and trout roe
Turbot by Anne-Sophie Pic - smoked beetroot rose with grapefruit, batak pepper and hibiscus emulsion
Waygu beef by Anne-Sophie Pic - roasted wasabi, hispi cabbage parcels, geranium rosat and buddha's hand consomme

Find out more about the dinner and how to book your place over on the website here.