Climate Positive Burger From Ground

There is no denying the myriad of options when it comes to enjoying a brilliant burger in London, but the latest creation to catch our attention offers an entirely new premise to satisfy your tastebuds upon.

Ground has been created by Farshad Kazemian & Lily Bovey of The Ethical Butcher & Stakehaus respectively, collaborating on the creation of a climate positive burger, which contributes gains to the environment instead of harm.

The production from start to finish has been meticulously overseen in order to ensure that this burger is firmly 'green read meat', having a positive impact on the world around us and a great taste.

Typically, the beef industry has had to weather a storm in regards to its environmental credentials, yet Ground showcases what is possible when expanding production beyond typical means. Kazemian's experience with The Ethical Butcher has been built upon working with farmers who utilise regenerative agricultural methods, based around the absorption of carbon and regeneration of land; especially soil health.

The burger itself is a patty made from 100% pasture-fed beef, meaning no soy or grain feeds, from four of The Ethical Butcher's farms in the UK. As well as the beef, Ground has sourced all other ingredients upon the same climate-positive premise: a bun from Paul Rhodes Bakery in Greenwich, cheese from Lye Cross Farm (the UK's Pasture Fed for Life Association certified cheese), green chillies from Cornwall and the fries are made from Pierre Koffmann potatoes.

Ground will be making this unique burger available to the public at KERB (South Molton Street) during December, with DIY kits expected to be released soon for nationwide delivery.

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