Co-op Aims For Total Recyclable Packaging by Summer

With the mounting pressure upon supermarket and chain stores to lessen their impact on the environment by reducing the amount of unrecyclable packaging used, the Co-op announces it is on track to become 100% recyclable by summer 2020.

Having already introduced compostable carrier bags for consumers and eradicated all black plastic within the business, what seemed like an incredibly bold ambition now appears to be a reality very soon.

The Co-op has been establishing in-store collection points for flexible plastics during the early part of 2020, where customers will be encouraged to deposit a variety of goods, all of which will then be collected for specialist recycling.

With over 1,000 shops nationwide, the afore mentioned programme by the Co-op, shall be the largest of its type in the UK; a huge statement of intent in the face of its larger rivals.