Co-op Rollout Diverse Range of Vegan Dishes

A brand new range of vegan products for 2020 have been announced by the Co-op, featuring a total of 35 products, believed to be the greatest single supermarket roll-out of such a range; all under the banner of their official new Gro range.

Selected Gro items are now on offer in 2,000 Co-op stores and up to 4,000 independent retailers across the UK, with such dishes including Kashmiri Spice Pizza (a stone baked pizza garnished with spiced cauliflower and red chillies), Chilli Con Nachos, Spicy Squash & Mexican Bean Salad and a Vegan Steak Bake due to be launched on 22nd January.

With plenty of high street retailers seeking to expand their vegan offerings in 2020, the Co-op are by no means first to the market, but they are certainly making a statement of strong intent with this announcement of a large scale range being brought to the public in a single release.