Coca Cola Launches Coffee Soda

For those eager to retain their coffee fix while sipping a cold Coca-Cola, the global drinks brand is releasing Coca-Cola With Coffee in the United States, from January 2021. The drink is a straight up combination of regular Coca-Cola and 100% Brazilian coffee, certain to provide you with a buzz when required.

The initial range shall feature a total of three flavour options; Dark Blend, Vanilla and Caramel. Each of the 12 ounce cans will also possess a total of 69 milligrams of caffeine, quite a step up from regular Coke and Diet Coke. However, this still falls short of the amount many American coffee outlets serve in their typical Americanos for example.

Coca-Cola have previously sought to gain a slice of the coffee market, when in 2006 they released a similar product, though this proved short-lived and soon became defunct after two years.

Though there is a concerted effort to launch this creation in the United States, the likes of Italy, Japan and more already sell a Coca-Cola coffee beverage. Speaking of the new domestic focus for this drink, Chief Marketing Officer, Javier Meza said: "The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the need for us to be more disciplined in how we launch, validate, refine and scale up big bets like this. We're excited to bring Coca-Cola With Coffee to the United States and apply learning from so many markets that have gotten us to where we are today."