Coca Cola Trial Label-Less Sprite Bottles

Drinks giant Coca Cola is stripping the labels from its Sprite bottles as part of a trial process to help simplify the recycling process. The new design will feature an embossed logo on the front of the 100% recycled plastic bottles, with laser-engraved product info on the back too.

Bottle labels need to be removed during the recycling process, and whilst the existing labels are already fully recyclable, their removal helps to reduce the amount of packaging material products and used overall.

The latest change follows other upgrades which include the removal of green colour from our plastic bottles and keeping our caps attached. Coca Cola are also investing in new designs to reduce the amount of packaging used. These improvements come as part of the brand's ambitious World Without Waste strategy, a drive to reduce the amount of packaging used, also by focusing on new innovations (rPET, removal of coloured PET bottles, light-weighting, attached caps, etc), and by collecting and recycling one bottle or can for each one we sell, by 2030.

The new label-less bottles will feature across both 500ml Sprite and Sprite Zero drinks, available at 12 Tesco Express Stores in Brighton, Bristol, London and Manchester until March 2024.

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