Cocktails To Your Door

In the UK alone, alcohol sales have increased by 20% during March, demonstrating a trend for people to indulge in a tipple more regularly as they seek to relax or escape from the stresses of daily isolation. To make this experience far more enjoyable, cocktail bars are battling against their economic difficulties by serving up their trademark drinks straight to your door.


Whllst there are a few exotic cocktails out for delivery, the majority on offer are the recognisable classic creations. The likes of Negronis, Martinis and Margaritas are all enjoying a resurgence thanks to their new guise as Quarantinis.


If you are not lucky enough to have a world-class cocktail bar just down the road, you could instead choose to utilise a cocktail subscription service, which is certain to keep you inspired and well stocked. Some are simply premixed bottled cocktails, while others deliver everything you require to recreate your favourite Tom Cruise moves from Cocktail.

Added Extras

Due to changes in regulation and licensing, many New York restaurants and bars are able to operate as takeaway alcohol stores, but only if they sell such drinks alongside food; either bough or complimentary. This has seen some creative thinking immediately from those eager to stay open; Sugar Monk offers complimentary black truffle popcorn with its drinks, while Please Don't Tell are sharing the iconic snack Tater Tots alongside their bottled Negronis.

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