Coconut shell filter for clean water on the go

The world’s been drinking that much coconut water lately, there’s a surplus of coconut shells bobbing around and something needs to be done about it.

Thank goodness then for this little invention. In a follow up to the "perfect spout" built into their Vida water bottle, California-based Kor have released Nava, a new bottle that combines their signature mouth-friendly top with a slim filter built into the centre of the bottle. Constructed from renewable coconut shells, which are converted into activated carbon, the filtration system opts for a more sustainable method than filters made from coal.

Nava not only incorporates on-the-go filtration right into the bottle, but pairs it with a patented "easy-flow" setup that optimizes the filter and surrounding vessel to prevent the user from having to squeeze the bottle or suck on the mouthpiece to get water. Plus, the BPA-free plastic Nava boasts an ergonomic handle and a leak-proof top.

Kor will also offer a subscription service to make it more convenient to reorder filters, which last for three months or 40 gallons of water. Launched on Kickstarter on the 8th of April, Nava aims to change the water bottle game with your fundraising help. Visit the campaign page to make a pledge, or for more information on Kor check their website.