Coeliac Awareness Week 2016, 9-15 May

Coeliac Awareness Week, 9 - 15th May, is the next big push to improve diagnosis and to empower more people to ask themselves 'Is it coeliac disease?' Join the plight to try to find the staggering half a million people in the UK who remain undiagnosed. This week the campaign will be highlighting the most commonly reported symptoms of the condition, including anaemia, with a range of initiatives. Whether you have five minutes to give or fifty, there's a way for everyone to join in.

There are a range of symptoms including constant mouth ulcers, crippling fatigue, stomach pain, regular bouts of diarrhoea, anaemia and weight loss. If you suffer from these or other unexplained symptoms, take the assessment and see if you are at risk of coeliac disease. Take the test now by clicking here.

How can you get involved?

It's easy on social media - join the Thunderclap campaign. After you pledge your support on the Thunderclap page, during Awareness Week a status featuring the key message, 'Is it coeliac disease?' will be sent out from your account, as well as that of all our other supporters to create some serious noise on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr. Pledge your support now.

During the Week there will be a pop-up in Manchester, Piccadilly Gardens, talking about the symptoms of coeliac disease, handing out leaflets and offering on the spot testing to those at risk.

Find out more about the whole campaign and how to get involved here.