Cold Stone Creamery Delivers New Flavours For The Holidays

The holidays are upon us and Cold Stone Creamery is celebrating by offering customers two new decadent flavours this season: Sea Salt Fudge Ice Cream and Cake Batter Ganache Ice Cream, plus a creamy and delicious Sea Salt Fudge Frappe, available for a limited time only, already in stores since November.

The new Sea Salt Fudge Ice Cream is the perfect complement of rich, chocolatey fudge and sea salt. Mix in Roasted Almonds, Brownie and Caramel for the Salted Fudge Decadence Creation. Additionally, Cold Stone Creamery is putting a twist on their popular Cake Batter Ice Cream with a new flavour, Cake Batter Ganache Ice Cream, which can be mixed with Yellow Cake, Chocolate Chip Cookie and Fudge for The Great Ganache Creation.

"Cake Batter Ganache Ice Cream is everything you love about our Cake Batter, with the added richness of the fudge ganache flavour for this special time of year," said Kate Unger, senior vice president of marketing for Kahala Brands™. "The Sea Salt Fudge is another must-have treat this winter, combining decadent fudge with a touch of sea salt to create a trend-worthy favorite. Our holiday flavors are always a big hit with our guests and this year will be no different. In fact, we are adding a special Frappe to the holiday line-up this year, too. We invite everyone to stop in and try the Sea Salt Fudge Frappe – it's the perfect pick-me-up during this busy season."

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