Convenience Is King Of COVID

Government advice has been to leave the house rarely, unless shopping once a week, with a focus upon this being essential purchasing too. The lockdown has meant that online delivery from supermarkets, independent shops and the local wine merchant has become the new normal as people avoid leaving the house unnecessarily.

Not Just Takeaway

Food delivery companies and supermarkets across the globe are teaming up to become the new online convenience store. Uber and Deliveroo have agreed with brands such as Marks & Spencer, Walmart, The Co-op and Morrisons to pick up and deliver goods in as little as 30 minutes.

As well as offering deliveries from supermarkets and convenience stores, Deliveroo has also launched its own range called Essentials by Deliveroo. It is offering the likes of pasta, tinned goods and household cleaning items to ensure people have access to the things they need.

Added Extras

It is not just groceries that the food delivery services have started to deliver, Uber Direct is piloting a scheme where consumers can instruct a driver to visit a chemist and pick up prescriptions too.

In addition, Uber is offering a new service called Uber Connect, allowing customers to order same-day no-contact deliveries of essential items.

Dark Convenience

To service this growth in convenience deliveries, chains have turned some of their estates into 'dark convenience shops.' Basically, these operate in a similar way to grey supermarkets and dark kitchens. That is by only allowing staff on the premises and servicing deliveries only.

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