Cook At Home

Dishes which always look, taste and smell the same are a remedy to the uncertainty we each face everyday at the moment.

Philippines Cook At Home

In the Philippines we have seen a large number of fast-food and casual dining outlets offer cook at home versions of their usual menus. These are the exact ingredients, in the correct marinates and formats which would normally be served. All you need to do is cook and assemble to recreate your favourite dishes at home.

Fries With That?

Lots of people are missing their favourite fast food options and are struggling to recreate that authentic taste at home. KFC are selling ready to fry Crispy Fries and Original Recipe Nuggets, McDonald's are selling frozen packs of original or spicy chicken nuggets and fries franchise Potato Corner are selling their famous fries with their special seasoning packs.

DIY Dinners

It is not just fast food either, but well loved fast-casual chains are also allowing consumers to recreate their favourite dishes by offering ready to cook meals for home. Amber is offering a range of meals, including a 1 kilogram selection of marinated BBQ pork, while Chowking is selling a range of meat, seafood, dumplings and even their Halo Halo topping to keep people's sweet tooth happy.

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