Cookie Croissant Fusion Trend Hits The UK

We've had the cronut and a multitude of other sweet fusions to come from high end bakeries around the world, but the latest has got the pastry fans excited again - the cookie croissant and it's landed in the UK.

Having taken off first in Paris, apparently from Maison Louvard, a boulangerie on Rue de Châteaudun, the 'crookie' as it's become known has been going viral on social media platforms for a few weeks now.

The boulangerie, voted as having the seventh best croissant in France in 2022, started selling their crookie creation in that same year, but it's not until 2024 that it's gained real traction with bakeries globally trying to emulate its success. And now that wave of interest has landed in the UK too.

Renowned pastry chef Philippe Conticini, also known for his viral round croissants and giant croissants, has launched his own version of the sweet treat at his bakery in South Kensington, with his version filled with cookie dough, crushed hazelnuts and chocolate chips. Yum.

Image credit - Philippe Conticini Instagram