Cosmic Truffles From The Stars

Our tastes continue to diversify some of the world's most loved goods, on this occasion it is chocolate which finds itself reimagined, in regards to its wellbeing benefits at least.

Katrina Markoff, founder of the Chicago based chocolate innovators Vosges Haut-Chocolat, has brought to fruition a whole now range of universally attuned treats which mirror the zodiac for inspiration.

Markoff has utilised a process of sound infusion to create Cosmic Truffles, where tones of varying frequencies are piped into the chocolates during production, imbibing them with the healing frequencies which support meditative practices such as gong baths.

The experiential nature of these chocolates and their nod to the mystical are part of a growing trend within food and drink during 2020, where consumers and creators seek to escape and enrich the dining experience.

The truffles are infused with "Moldavite crystal energy and angelic vibrational frequencies," available in a box of 21 chocolates with the full zodiac featured within.

Included are the likes of the Leo Cherry Bombe ( dark chocolate, Rainier cherries, hazelnuts, Lion's Mane mushrooms and edible gold dust) and the Libra Dark truffle (85% dark chocolate with crushed & candied violet.)