Cronut Inventor Dominique Ansel has Arrived in London

Born in Manhatten, the Cronut and it's founder, Dominique Ansel, have arrived in London. One of the most well-known food-fusions of late, the Cronut has finally arrived in the capital as Ansel sets up for the opening of his new bakery in Belgravia on September 23.

"It took a long time to develop the right recipe, the texture, the filling, the glazing: every single day we were testing and tasting. The first day we only made 35 of them," Ansel, who spent three months perfecting the recipe, told The Telegraph. "Now there's a different flavour every month, special ones you can only get in New York and Japan, a different dough for summer and for winter. We've never repeated a single flavour in three years."

We're excited to see what else he can come up with as he looks for more inspiration for future fusions. Counting down until opening day now.

Photo: Thomas Schauer