Cruise Ship Dining Goes Vegan as Oceania Cruises Launches New Vegan Menu

The world's largest upper premium cruise line, Oceania Cruises has announced the addition of a new, creative vegan menu to be enjoyed by passengers aboard its cruise ships around the globe.

The selection of plant-based dishes will be available at breakfast, lunch, and dinner in The Grand Dining Room and Terrace Café, inspired by cuisines from around the world including Italian, Greek, Middle Eastern, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Mexican, Italian, Malaysian inspired delicacies. Guests will also have plant-based options available upon request during dinner service in each of the speciality restaurants found on the cruise liners.

We recently looked deeper into cruise ship dining in our May foodwatching report, Cruise Ship Dining. Gone are the days where cruises are reserved for those in their twilight years, with cruises now aimed at every type of traveller. But despite the wide range of experiences on offer, there's one theme that remains constant throughout - world class food.

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