Culinary Congress 2018 - Introducing Elizabeth Allen, Guest Chef

Elizabeth Allen (now Haigh through marriage) is a distinguished Singaporean-born chef who competed on MasterChef in 2011, before going on to win a Michelin star at Hackney-based restaurant Pidgin. She joins us at the Culinary Congress to share and demonstrate dishes from her exciting new venture Shibui.

In 2015, Elizabeth became head chef at Pidgin, a restaurant she co-founded with two others, before moving on in 2017 to set up her own company, Kaizen House, under which she's launching her own restaurant Shibui this year. The venue will promote wood fire cooking with European dishes with subtle details but bold Asian flavours, delivering everyday dishes elevated to refined levels.

Elizabeth will be speaking on the second day of the Congress where we will be exploring Plant Based Cuisine, Classic & Modern French, Antipodean Fusion, Italian & Spanish Small Plates, European-Asian Fusion, Modern Indian, Japanese Soul Food and Modern Australian Cuisine.

She's one of the many great speakers and names that will be running demonstrations at our Culinary Congress 2018, running over 5th and 6th June at Hawker House, Canada Street, London. The congress is a two-day exploration of trendsetting cuisines and culinary innovation, brought to life by the world's best chefs, mixologists and innovators with a trend narrative from thefoodpeople – a first for the UK. Find out more here, and get your tickets before they're gone.