Culinary Congress 2018 - Introducing Greg Marchand, Guest Chef

Greg Marchand, executive chef and owner of Parisian and Covent Garden restaurants 'Frenchie', of the same name, joins us at the Culinary Congress this June to explore Modern French cuisine. The food at Frenchie Covent Garden echoes its Parisian counterpart with simple yet generous dishes heavily influenced by Greg's global travels.

Originally from Nantes, Greg had no bonds keeping him in France and decided to travel after finishing cooking school. With only companions being his knives, they followed him to New York, London, Spain and Hong Kong. Following his travels, and a family move back to his homeland, Greg set his sights on opening his first restaurant on the narrow city streets of Paris - and Frenchie was born. Taking its name from the nickname given to Greg in the Kitchen of Jamie Oliver's Fifteen in London, the restaurant opened in 2009 showcasing seasonal products with a classic French base and an international twist.

After growing into a must-visit location in the French capital for foodies from around the world, Greg took the step to extend his reach across the channel, opening Frenchie Covent Garden, in London.

Greg will be speaking on the first day of the Congress where we'll be exploring Modern British, Patisserie, Cakes & Desserts, American Korean, West African, Persian & Middle Eastern, American Barbecue & Fire Cooking, Modern French and Zero Waste / Pre Industrial Cuisine.

He's one of the many great speakers and names that will be running demonstrations at our Culinary Congress 2018, running over 5th and 6th June at Hawker House, Canada Street, London. The congress is a two-day exploration of trendsetting cuisines and culinary innovation, brought to life by the world's best chefs, mixologists and innovators with a trend narrative from thefoodpeople – a first for the UK. Find out more here, and get your tickets before they're gone.