Culinary Congress 2018 - Introducing Judy Joo, Guest Chef

Korean-American executive chef Judy Joo, Chef Patron of Jinjuu Restaurant in London and Hong Kong, will be joining us on Day 1 of June's Culinary Congress. On Day 1 we'll be exploring Modern British, Patisserie & Desserts, American Korean, West African, American Barbecue and Modern Australian cuisine.

At the Culinary Congress in June you will be able to watch Judy Joo create her infamous Modern Korean cuisine, get behind the dishes, ingredients and techniques that typify this region, and further understand what the 'Modern' in Modern Korean is all about.

Having started her career in banking, before switching careers to become a chef in 2004 after attending The French Culinary Institute. A move to London followed where she worked at several of Gordon Ramsey's restaurants including Maze, Petrus and Gordon Ramsey's at Claridge's. In 2015 she opened up her own restaurant in London, JinJuu, in the popular Soho area. Following the popularity of the London location, she opened a second in Hong Kong in 2015, before a second London location in Mayfair in 2016.

Judy Joo is one of the many great speakers and names that will be running demonstrations at our Culinary Congress 2018, running over 5th and 6th June at Hawker House, Canada Street, London. The congress is a two-day exploration of trendsetting cuisines and culinary innovation, brought to life by the world's best chefs, mixologists and innovators with a trend narrative from thefoodpeople – a first for the UK. Find out here.