Deli 2022 Categorywatching Report

Our latest Categorywatching report is out, taking a look at what's been going on across all things 'Deli' including pies, quiches, sandwiches, antipasti and more.

The Deli category is in strong growth driven by more social entertaining and lots of demand for prepared meat and appetisers. The category ended last year at +11.1% YOY (IRI, 2021). There continues to be lots of fun with hybrids such as pizza pies, however, newness also comes through with sustainability at the heart. A wild garlic prawn mayo sandwich brings a delicious seasonal twist to the familiar, for example.

To give you a feel for some of the main highlights covered in the full Categorywatching report on Deli, we've compiled three of the main takeouts from the full article, below.

1. Premium Touches – Premium touches make a big difference and full transparency in terms of sourcing, and techniques are at the heart of this category. There's more vegan caviar or the most sustainably sourced lump fish and trout roe. Sustainability and health are intertwined with premium cues – wild garlic mayo makes a big difference to sandwich fillings, and fermented ingredients bring a tangy and gut-friendly twist to dips and dressings.

2. Make It Quick – Quick hacks trend, whether its whipping butter beans into hummus or adding herbal cream to a sandwiches. While sandwich kits such as Reuben continue to jazz up those work from home lunches, evening meals also get attention. Pie kits, sausage ragus and pizza kits with mortadella toppings all make dinner time easier.

3. Go Global – Regional global classics are at the heart of this category, French Pithiviers with comforting fillings such as cauliflower cheese make alternatives to pies, and fusions also trend – think middle eastern meeting British classics with merguez scotch eggs.


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