Denmark Becomes First Country To Introduce A Climate Label For Food

Denmark has this April announced a big investment into the development of a government-run climate label for food. The country's food minister, Rasmus Prehn, announced plans earlier this month to publicly fund the development of a climate label for food to help consumers make the 'greener-choice' when making purchasing decisions in-store.

The investment sits at DKK 9m, €1.2m, and will see the government set up a working group to build towards the first proposal revealed before the end of 2022.

The move follows suit of the work done by Foundation Earth in their work to develop a new environmental labelling score which is being introduced to more and more foods and brands. We heard from the CEO of Foundation Earth, Cliona Howie who discussed the exciting work they are doing and the reasons for which they're continually striving to make this change.

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