Detroit Style Arrives At Pizza Hut

The globally recognised restaurant chain, Pizza Hut, has launched its brand new Detroit Style pizza; making the traditionally regional variety now available across the United States.

In recent years, the increased recognition and love of the unique Detroit style pizza has produced a widespread craving for the local version, to the extent that Pizza Hut themselves have stepped up to the plate and made it their biggest launch of the year.

Though already a distinct creation within America, Pizza Hut persevered with over 500 different versions during the development process, completing the testing confident of their final recipe being the truest reflection of this iconic pizza variety.

David Graves, Pizza Hut, chief brand officer said: "Countless hours were spent testing and perfecting every detail here to create our take on Detroit-Style pizza. The caramelized cheese crust and the sauce on top take the taste of this pizza to the next level."

At thefoodpeople, we have been documenting the rise of the Detroit style pizza for a while now, with this latest creation from Pizza Hut signalling its arrival into the mainstream.

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