Diageo Launches Flavoured Edible Straws

As the drinks industry changes its play on straws, moving away from plastic, drinks giant Diageo has launched a range of edible flavoured straws to accompany its on-the-go canned range. The new straws come in four flavours - lemon, lime, strawberry, and chocolate.

Each straw is made to complement one of the company's ready-to-drink offerings, and follows a similar idea that was launched by rival Pernod Ricard. Both companies have already announced they're ending the use of plastic straws and stirrers, banning them within all parts of their operations worldwide.

The changes are part of the bigger picture of greatly reducing the plastic waste issue that is currently suffered by our planet, with millions of tonnes ending up in our oceans and seas, damaging the marine environment. Many retailers and brands are driving to become plastic-free as part of a global push to rectify damage caused before it's too late.