Digital Aggregators Emerge During Pandemic

This crisis has pushed the use of technology forwards by years already, forcing those that previously had no interest in online deliveries and communication to quickly learn and utilise out of necessity.


At the heart of this all is connectivity, services which enable consumers to buy what they can and have it delivered with no interaction which may risk spreading the virus.


Much of what is being made possible also hinges upon local knowledge of which businesses are remaining operational and able to serve the community. For example, the app Find My Pasta has been launched and relies on others to report what is and is not available at local stores to help quell congestion.

To The Door

Uber Eats is offering its traditional delivery service with the addition of tamper-proof packaging for those seeking improved reassurance when ordering food. DriverNet platform is being utilised by British charity Age UK in order to help coordinate emergency food parcels for the elderly and vulnerable.

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