Dinner for Breakfast - Melbourne's Field Black Cafe

"It's really more like dinner food" - the most insightful words written by Good Food Australia in a recent review of the popular Melbourne cafe / bar. It's a nod towards the increasing propensity to feature dinner-style dishes on a brunch menu, as covered in a recent foodwatching Australia & Asia report in September last year.

Dishes take on a definite large plate feel here, such as mac 'n' cheese with croquettes, a poached egg and paprika-dusted smoked cauliflower a popular brunch choice, or alternatively how about breakfast-style gnocchi served with goat's curd, mushrooms and garlic butter, topped with a fried egg.

In our foodwatching report on the rising dinner for breakfast scene, we looked at how the lines between cafe and restaurant are becoming increasingly blurred as consumers demand much more from their dining experiences. We also took a look at who's doing what, identifying some of the more diverse examples of the changing brunch scene in Australia.

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