Disney Partners With Local Food & Drink Partners To Promote New Film

For the launch of its latest film, Disney have collaborated with a number of smaller food and drink companies that are in-keeping with the film, choosing authentic South East Asian brands to highlight the importance of food and culture.

Disney rolled out its latest title Raya and the Last Dragon this week, and when it came to building a roster of promotional partners, Disney's SVP of Global Marketing Partnerships & Promotions, Lylle Breier, and her team, took into account the title's home audiences and growing theatrical moviegoers during the pandemic.

Two such brands are Asian spice and sauce brand Omsom and Sanzo sparkling water, each with their own links to the film's making. Omsom was co-founded by first generation Vietnamese-American sisters Vanessa and Kim Pham, daughters of Vietnamese refugees, building on the pic's food theme and femme power.

Sanzo is the first Asian American inspired sparkling water, started by Filipino American Sandro Rocco, and draws parallels with water playing an important motif in the film itself.

Both brands will feature promotional materials and branding across products and digital assets, alongside regular Disney partners McDonalds, Proctor & Gamble and LG.

Find out more about Sanzo and Omsom on their respective brand websites.

Image - DrinkSanzo.com