Do Cauliflower Breakfast Cups Take Your Fancy

U.S. brand Purely Elizabeth is launching a grain-free hot cereal alternative which uses a base of diced, freeze-dried cauliflower. The new breakfast pots are made for convenient, on the go microwave breakfast options - with convenience continuing to be high on the list of priorities for consumers.

The new breakfast pots will come in two flavours - Cinnamon Almond and Strawberry Hazelnut, with each also featuring coconut, chia seeds, flax seeds and almond protein powder for additional health benefits.

Cauliflower is something we've recently reported on and have been tracking - it's making waves in the health world due to its versatility and neutral flavour. It can be meaty when cooked in large chunks, crispy when roasted, and can hold its own when deep-fried too. But it's not just its practicality which is appealing; many people are switching to cauliflower alternatives to replace carbohydrates in meals to reduce calorie intake.

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