Dogue, Restaurant For Dogs, Opens in San Francisco

Only the best for your pets? Well, dog owners in San Francisco can now treat their pets to the ultimate dining luxury now with the opening of Dogue, a fine dining establishment for dogs.

Originally starting off as a raw dog food service back in 2015, the concept has now been developed further by founder and chef Rahmi Massarweh creating a more formal concept for his dog food servings.

So what's on the menu? It's definitely in the fine dining category with a three course tasting menu that will set you back $75 as well as a range of pastries served during the day with, of course, dogguccinos too. The team have created dishes featuring ingredients which are nutrient rich and designed to be healthy meals for our four-legged friends. Squid tentacles and ink features on the menu for example, due to the riboflavin, Vitamins B12, C and E alongside antioxidants found in squid to fight free radicals in a dog's body and reduce the risk of cell damage and infection from viruses and pathogens. While the squid ink contains antimicrobial properties. Believe what you may.

Then, on Sundays, Dogue transitions into Bone Appetit Cafe, where chicken-mushroom soup is poured at the table to be lapped up by the canine diners.

Why San Francisco? The locals would probably argue that it's no surprise to see the restaurant open there following certain reports showing that dogs recently outnumbered children.

Find out more about Dogue here.