Doritos Silent - 'World's First' AI-Augmented Snack

Popular snack brand Doritos has announced its latest innovation, the world's first AI-augmented crisps - Doritos Silent, enabling gamers to cancel out the sound of snacking.

Powered by what it's calling 'Crunch Cancellation', the new creation from Doritos and PepsiCo's in-house agency, Sips & Bites, sees technology cancel out the sound of a gamers crunching crisps in their mouth in real time, solving what Doritos says is a genuine consumer tension.

The smart technology listens out and recognises the sound of the user's voice, separating that from the sound of the crunch. The Doritos Silent is said to have been in development for the last six months, analysing more than 5000 crunch sounds to develop its understanding and recognition.

The project follows a survey of over 2,000 people to understand their reactions to the noises of others eating. Forty six percent dislike the sound of others eating nearby, whilst 35 percent find the sound of crunching snacks distracting. Further to this, when analysing gamer habits, 86 percent claiming to often snack while playing.

The new Doritos Silent innovation solves this distraction for those subjected to all of those wanting to snack while gaming - even allowing people to snack whilst working from home on calls too, if they so please.

Find out more on the Doritos Silent website here.