drinkswatching - Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic Christmas Drinks

Well, deck the halls and call us jolly, Christmas is finally upon us. With the chilly weather and wall to wall parties, it means one thing to thefoodpeople – scouring menu's across the UK to see what's happening in the world of festive drinks. From bars to coffee shops… and everything in between!

Whether it is a fully loaded hot chocolate or a knock-your-socks-off cocktail we have captured it all. As it is Christmas, we thought we would take this chance to tell you about some of our top take-away trends from this year's research. We've seen the likes of:

  • The world of "low and no" has fully integrated itself into retail launches, festive drinks and cocktail menus. No-alcohol options are being treated with equality and are celebrated with the same gusto and joy as their boozy cousins.
  • During this time of indulgence we have seen the trend for drinks emulating desserts come to the forefront. Across both hot and cold beverages sugary Christmas treats are being blended into drinks. With three sweet flavours, in particular, head and shoulders above them all - toasted marshmallow, candy cane and gingerbread.
  • Finally, as it is the season where everything is just that little bit extra, we have seen an uplift of "extra" toppings. Whether it's a coffee or a cocktail, it seems nothing is off limits when it comes to garnishing drinks.

…and much, MUCH more! So if you want to know what Christmas 2019 looks like in the drinks sphere, log into TrendHub now to check out our drinkswatching Festive drinks articles - there's one each for alcohol and non-alcohol trends. So grab yourself a mince pie martini and get reading!

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