Easter 2021 Highlights

Easter Sunday is creeping up on us now, this year falling on 4th April, and we've already seen a whole host of new launches from both confectionary brands and others in the wider food and beverage industry. We've wrapped up a few highlights.

Cadbury Mini Eggs Easter Cottage

We saw Cadbury launch their Dairy Milk Christmas Cottage in the festive season and they're now back with an Easter version, with their Mini Eggs Easter Cottage. This novelty build-your-own treat contains all the chocolate components to build your own chocolate cottage at home, before consuming. The Cadbury Easter Cottage Kit can be ordered online for £16.

Cadbury White Oreo

Sticking with one of Mondelez's leading brands, Cadbury has joined forces with Oreo to create a white chocolate egg studded with Oreo biscuit pieces. The brands also also once again collaborating on a White Oreo Peter Rabbit bunny.

Beer Infused Chocolate Egg

Cornwall's largest independent brewery St Austell is rolling out a beer-infused chocolate egg in collaboration with Cornish chocolate maker Chocolarder - the limited-edition Proper Job infused Easter Egg.

Rococo Ruby Chocolate Egg

Ruby, or pink, chocolate has been around for a few years now - a trend we identified several years back - and now the chocolate is commonplace each Easter. Premium confectionary brand Rococo has launched a ruby chocolate egg this Easter filled with chocolate-coated raspberries. This premium Easter egg can be purchased from Selfridges at £29.99.

Lidl Dark Chocolate and Coffee Easter Egg

Supermarket chain Lidl has recently showcased its most popular Easter egg online, its new Dark Chocolate and Coffee Easter egg. Responses online have proved popular with many customers willing friends and family to get them the egg this year.

Where will you be buying your Easter Eggs this year? Share yours with us over on Twitter at @thefoodpeople.

After Eight Mini Eggs

The popular chocolate mint after dinner treat has merged with mini eggs to create this new Easter special. No longer just a post-dinner treat (as if they ever were!)

Virtual Egg Hunt

Google and Cadbury have come together in an innovative collaboration to create a personalised Easter Egg Hunt online. How it works is you hide a virtual egg anywhere in the world, before then writing a clue for your egg-hunter and email it to them, so they can try to find it! Genius.

Find out more over on the Cadbury website on how to play.

Eggs in Disguise

Waitrose has launched a crafty fruit egg this year that by all intents and purposes looks like a Pomegranate ... until you crack it open to find out that it's actually a caramelised white chocolate and pomegranate egg! That counts as one of your five a day at Easter, right?