Easter 2021 - Snapshot Report

COVID-19 has accelerated many consumer behaviours that are likely to influence Easter. Growing your own veg and buying local is at an all time high; Waitrose has reported a +200% increase in searches for British chicken, beef and veg on their website in recent months.

Simple supply chains and tastes of the season could be celebrated like never before. Think English sparkling wine, hyper-real chocolate butterflies and pastries filled with sweet woodruff and strawberry cream.

Shopper Of The Future

In the UK, many consumers have ditched shopping baskets for laptops, 89% of shoppers will continue to shop online to the same level or more post COVID-19 with convenience as the key driver. Online sales of Easter eggs saw a huge surge last year as people either bought online or went without. Even if it's safer to visit stores in 2021, with consumers getting used to the ease of browsing online, online is set to be more important.


COVID-19 has meant a lot more time at home, and our desire to change up the everyday has been huge. During lockdown, typically less popular chocolates such as white, strawberry and ruby climbed up the rankings in terms of favourites, indicating a desire for disruptive flavours.

Party On

Easter is a time for family and friends to come together, and after what looks like is going to be an unusual Christmas, that quality holiday time will be even more appreciated. Even if some element of social distancing is still in place as the sun comes out, it is a time to celebrate.

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