Easter 2022 Report - seasonwatching

Our latest seasonwatching report is out, covering everything we've tracked and captured during the recent Easter holidays, including retail food and drink, out of home food and drink, and more.

As celebrations are back in full swing, consumers anticipation for Easter has been ramped up and there has been more hype around the season than before. Early demand for hot cross buns in Australian retailer Coles saw an increase of +10% YOY and spending in the UK is expected to reach £892m, +10% more than 2021 (Finder, 2022). Celebrating together is important, whether that's taking part in Easter egg hunts, gathering around the table in traditional form or simply making the most of the warmer UK weather with copious barbecues and picnics.

To give you a taste for what to expect in the full Easter seasonwatching report, we've compiled three key takeouts below:

1. Savoury – In amongst so much sweetness, savoury flavour profiles are coming through and changing up the norm. Milk chocolate coated jerky brings an unexpected snacking combination; however, hot cross buns are going all out! From touches of spice with chilli and jalapeno, to different cheese varieties, this change up in format also brings hot cross burgers to not only restaurant menus but QSR too.

2. Alternative Lunch - Firing up the barbecue, consumers are venturing outdoors for a different way of enjoying Easter lunch. Swapping out different types of meat as well as bringing more fish onto the grill offers a lighter touch to the season, especially when teamed with the many delicious seasonal salads coming to the fore. But as picnics are elevated past the expected and bring a premium touch, it's all about alfresco dining.

3. Take Care - Global mindfulness has never been more important. Plastic reduction, sustainable material switch outs and even compressing sizes make for planet-friendly choices, but as brands and consumers tune into personal welfare even more, charitable collaborations and initiatives benefiting consumers globally has never been more important.

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