Eat-able Stickers To Entice Kids To Be More Adventurous Eaters

An entrepreneurial grandma in California has created StickyLickits, a line of eat-able stickers that entice kids to be more adventurous eaters, especially when it comes to fruits and veggies. Just in time to celebrate the last week of National Nutrition Month in the US this April, parents can find StickyLickits featuring YouTube kidfluencer Ryan Kaji of Ryan's World at more than 350 Walmart stores in California, Arizona, Utah, Washington, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, Wyoming, Oregon, New Mexico, and Montana.

"Every parent knows that it can be a struggle for young children to taste and eat the healthier foods on their plates," said Linda York, grandmother of two and founder and CEO of StickyLickits. "Our all-natural, edible stickers help to motivate children to eat more fruits and vegetables because they make mealtime more fun. Parents also love StickyLickits because the stickers encourage children to taste a variety of foods and build healthier eating habits."

Using the bite-size stickers is simple: kids simply lick, stick, and eat their creations. The dissolving stickers are 100% natural with a tapioca base that kids say tastes like marshmallows or cotton candy. StickyLickits do not contain sugar, additives, or allergens like soy, dairy, or peanuts. They're also kosher, vegan, non-GMO and gluten-free. Packages contain 30 stickers each and can be found in Walmart's produce department, right next to the fruits and veggies they're designed to encourage.

Find out more about the new innovation here.