Eat London 2:Ultimate foodie guide for this Olympic season

In the lead-up to the Olympic Games in London this summer, a superlatively comprehensive guide to the best of the city's food has just landed. Eat London 2 revamps the original 2007 edition with a new and updated array, taking the reader through the most toothsome digs in 15 London neighborhoods. The mouthwatering arrangement is the product of restaurateurs Peter Prescott and Terence Conran, who present the book as their personal guide to restaurants of the British capital.

While the recent economic climate may have led to mass penny-pinching, the recession has not dimmed the vibrancy of the UK's cafe, food and restaurant revolution. With foodie havens opening their doors daily, the streets of London have never been more plentiful. Cheap eats and Michelin stars fill the city, and with all the options around, a guide like this is indispensable to residents and tourists alike. The fold-out maps guide you through London's labyrinthine streets, giving direction without the stigma of a traditional guidebook.

Whether you're into food carts, gastropubs or fine French cuisine, the collection's range has something for everyone in each neighborhood. To augment the directory, quotations from notable chefs and recipes for signature dishes are plated up alongside restaurant descriptions. Those who can't make it to London will be sated by preparing a homemade dish of cuttlefish with broad beans and mint from Moro or Dover sole with Beurre Maître d'Hôtel from Lutyens.

Insider details for city eats are also given by notable local chefs. According to Chris Galvin of Galvin La Chapelle, "London is the greatest melting pot of ethnic cuisine in the world today and finally, we are blessed with lots of 'young guns' cooking and serving daring dishes and concepts."

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