Eat The World - Lime Wharf, London

Located in the heart of East London’s creative quarter on Vyner Street, Lime Wharf has just opened. This innovative and experimental centre will welcome both artists and scientists to collaborate in residencies, think tanks gatherings and stimulating exhibitions. Founded and curated by creative radical Thomas Ermacora, the space aims to engage with the public and local communities through a series of participatory exhibitions and sensual events tackling various and diverse topics ranging from DIY ethics and sustainable practises to cutting edge technologies.

LimeWharf is an evolving and pioneering project that aspires to immerse guests and practitioners alike in thematic journeys. The core values of our programming are centred around building a positive relationship to the future, connecting the old and the new, meshing crafts with technology all in a non-market driven process-led series of experiments filtering preferred paths that engage professionals and local communities.2013 will introduce a number of repeat situations revolving around canal regeneration, human/machine interfaces, measuring happiness and heritage farming.

The inaugural Kitchen Experiment 01, a biannual three-week season of salon-inspired, food-focused events, entitled ‘Eat the World’, was launched on 6th March 2013. The thematic pop-up kitchen, a union of a salon and feast will encourage lively debate and conversation, with special performances and commissioned events. Guests will enjoy mouthwatering food served by celebrated chef Anna Hansen and her team at Modern Pantry currently holding a residency at Harrods. A few culinary surprises prepared by Anna Hansen and Thomas Ermacora will be served to trigger conversations around the future of food, particularly on topics suggesting the remediative capacities of nature. In addition, the unique Worldscape table, designed by architect Alex Haw (Atmos), alongside non-classical musical performances and extraordinary digital installations will provide a sensual scenography prompting unprecedented dining relationships.