Eco Friendly Cuisine

The relationship between nature, the environment, and how the human race interacts with it has been widely covered these past years, with high-profile campaigners and hard-hitting evidence highlighting deep concerns. How we grow and consume food has therefore also been thrust into the spotlight, with sustainability, waste, ethics, and sourcing of ingredients key factors across the world.

One cuisine that strives towards creating long-term benefits for people and the planet is eco-friendly cuisine, which we first introduced to our trending cuisines maps in 2019. At its heart, eco-friendly cuisine is as much an overall ethos as it is a cuisine, based on an appreciation and understanding of nature, the environment, ingredients, and people.

We naturally tend to define cuisines based on their locations, whether that is the geography of a country or regions within. From British, French, or Japanese to Sichuan, Keralan, or Texas barbecue, these cuisines have a place of origin, with all the history of immigration, rules, and traditions behind them. Eco-cuisine, however, is a global movement, with the environmental and sustainability influences not confined to one physical location.

To go deeper into eco-friendly cuisine, check out our cuisines articles, which focus on who is leading the way for this cuisine across the UK, Australia, and America.

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