Enlighten Night Noodle Markets Return to Canberra, Australia

Canberra's hugely popular Enlighten Night Noodle Markets have returned to the city this month, taking over Reconciliation Place from 2nd to 11th March. Boasting 21 food stalls, there's plenty of choice for the visitors - we take a look at what's on offer.

Over 43,000 people descended on the market over the opening weekend, proving just how popular the market is, to try the latest and best blends of eastern and western flavours. Some of the most exciting dishes available included:

The ACT Burger - 'Asian chicken tonkatsu' burger

Strawberry Watermelon Cake, by Black Star Pastry - almond cake, rose cream, watermelon strawberries, rose petals

Poklol Loaded Fries - a fuse of Vietnamese, Korean and Mexican cuisines. Choose from bulgogi beef, chilli chicken or chilli pork for the Chichi Fries, which come topped with cheese, kimchi, shallots, Japanese mayo and a sweet Korean barbecue sauce

Phoritto, by Little Kyoto X Pho Real - blending the burrito with the Vietnamese soup

Hoisin Goin Bro burger, by Chur Burger - grilled beef, American cheese, lettuce, five-spice bacon, prawn cracker, aioli, hoisin bbq sauce, and rice wine pickle

Kamikaze Katsu, by Gelato Messina - deep-fried gelato katsu sandwich with sudachi lime gelato coated in red velvet cake and panko crumbs sandwiched between cut slices of fluffy white bread with yuzu sauce

We recently looked at the rise of the Wagyu Katsu Sango trend, and its rise to cult status in Japan, over on our foodwatching Australia and Asia March report.

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