Eternal Energy 10 hour time release energy shot

Michigan-based LXR Biotech is proud to announce the launch of Eternal Energy TR (time release) - a premium 1.93 oz energy shot that provides energy and focus for up to 10 hours- twice as long as the category leader.

Eternal Energy TR™ uses a new patented time-released energy blend called Nutratheine™, which utilizes pharmaceutical technology that releases over an extended time period. The primary active ingredient in Nutratheine™ is green tea extract, a beneficial calming agent packed with antioxidants. Working synergistically with caffeine, the pair provide a jitter-free energy and focus experience which is controlled and effective.

"We saw the need for a product that gets you through your entire work day," said Eternal Energy Brand Manager Richard Ensley. "Let's face it, most of us work more than five hours. We need something that can get us up and going in the morning and last until we get home. Eternal Energy TR is the first and only energy shot to deliver results for that length of time."

Prior to the time release product, Eternal Energy has been a major player in the energy shot category for the last three years. Eternal Energy's products are sold nationwide at some of the nation's largest retail chains- with its core product retailing at less than 50% of the cost of the market leader 5-hour ENERGY.

"The last few years, we have been selling a product that is superior in functionality and a better value than our competition. There is no doubt that energy shot users have been adapting to our brand solely based on those aspects, but now we are launching a product that changes the game completely. It literally makes the competition's offerings obsolete. Do you want a product that gets you through half the workday or the entire day?"said Ensley.

Eternal Energy TR will be hitting retail shelves this fall.