Everything Bagel - foodwatching recap

We recently published a foodwatching report on the tfp trendhub covering the Everything Bagel, the type of bagel baked with a large variety of toppings. We've recently seen a new wave of Everything Bagel seasonings and flavours and the popular bakery item evolves.

The typical blend for an Everything Bagel sees a mix of sesame seeds, poppy seeds, dried onion and garlic flakes, and salt. However this now varies from person to person, or baker to baker, with dried lemon peel, rosemary, caraway or oregano just some of the flavours we've seen cropping up more and more. And then there's spice too.

The 'Everything' trend itself has manifested into its own spice blend, leaving its partner in crime, the bagel, behind to flourish in its own right. This seasoning is not only used for DIY Everything Bagels at home, but as a seasoning on other dishes too.

We've seen the Everything seasoning make its way onto a variety of other baked goods, including numerous croissants, subs, crackers and more.

Explore the growing Everything movement over on the foodwatching article here if you're a trendhub subscriber. If you're not and you want to read more, get in touch today.