Exploring categorywatching - Christmas

Ho ho ho. It's the festive season! In time for the holidays we have compiled our latest categorywatching report covering what's been going on this Christmas 2019. Below are three of the stand out trends from the report - have a read and explore the full article below.

A greener Christmas

This year we are dreaming of a Greener Christmas, from sustainable decorations to recyclable packaging and more plant-based festive foods, consumers are looking at their environmental impact at a time of year that can be wasteful.


It's the thought that counts this year! From bigger charitable gestures through to simply ensuring that no one is left out of the party - Christmas is for everyone. As households become smaller and individuals increasingly follow their own individual diets (whether through choice or allergy), smaller portions and allergen-free festive foods ensure that everyone is included at this special time of year.

Understated luxe

From free ice-skating at the Tiffany's pop-up rink in Covent Garden to gold dusted almonds topping mince pies – an opulent yet affordable touch comes to Christmas this year. Whether it's a sparkle of shimmer on a chocolate log, a glug of booze in a festive ice cream or a dusting of truffle finishing a simple plate of pasta, it's the little, yet luxurious, things that make the season so special.

Read the full report here - https://tfptrendhub.com/documents/read/3062