Exploring categorywatching - Christmas 2018

One category that always catches our trends team's attention every year is Christmas, and so we've compiled our latest categorywatching report covering the food and drink trends dominating the season.

Alternative Christmas

Rainbow, black and blue Christmas trees trend on social media feeds and just as colour schemes take a different turn, anything goes with food and drink too. It's no longer just about the turkey as plant-based party food, seafood, and at the opposite end of the spectrum, on the bone meat feasts are celebrated!

Twists on Classics

For all that is different, a large number of consumers find comfort in returning to what they know best. Traditional, relatively inexpensive classics from all over the world dominate such as pigs and blankets, mince pies, panettone and the Bundt cake. Amazing flavour twists and shapes mean that something as simple as a sausage roll can take centre stage. Next year we are likely to see more high volume classics given a Christmassy twist such as centrepiece stuffing, truffled cauliflower cheese side or pomegranate jewelled brocco-slaw.

Conversation Starter

It's all about creating a connection with consumers whether that's through an experience or kinder messages towards people and planet. The Iceland advert highlighting the impact of palm oil was judged one of the most successful Christmas adverts despite never being aired due to the power of social media. Whether it's show stopping recipes or having a meal in the sky on Santa's sleigh if it's something worth sharing and talking about the brand connotations are likely to last well into 2019.