Exploring categorywatching - Confectionery & Sweet Snacking

Our latest categorywatching report is out, covering all things sweet, or not so sweet as it may be, within Confectionary and Sweet Snacking. As usual, we've pulled together the most interesting take outs to share with you - take a look at what we've found.

The Future is less sweet

As consumer awareness as the dangers of too much sugar accelerates, confectionery is dialling down the sweetness whether that be through smaller portion sizes, reduced sugar or using sugar alternatives! The use of vegetables is also helping to bring a more savoury touch to the category, as well as bold natural colour.

e.g. Veggie fruit bar, So Pure, Netherlands

Old School Favourites

Parma violets, rhubarb & custards, and peanut butter cups – the candy of the past takes hold as escapism through 'kidulting' hits new highs. However, consumers aren't stuck in the past nostalgic icons are updated with modern tweaks to flavour and format bringing them bang up to date but also widening the appeal for those who don't remember the original.

e.g. Prosecco Cocktail Double Dipper, Smith & Sinclair, UK

Flavour is Everything

From tomato vodka marshmallows to sea buckthorn gummies and even black garlic oat milk white chocolate – savoury flavours bring a new, and intriguing, dimension to the category. Even at the sweeter end of the spectrum bold flavours dominate, from tongue tingling super sour through to bright tropical zing.

e.g. White sesame & seaweed chocolate, Fossa, Singapore