Exploring categorywatching - Desserts

Our latest categorywatching report is out, taking a look at desserts and what's caught our eye most of late. As usual, we've pulled together a shortlist of the most interesting take outs to share with you before you look at the entire report. These are...

Health ingredients & snackable formats

Desserts are still in demand despite 'war' against sugar, however, younger shoppers are disengaging with the category. More snacking lines and desserts made using trendy health ingredients give a healthier halo to the category and are more likely to engage younger consumers. Such as a matcha lava cake, or matcha coconut squares. Image – Matcha lava cake, Spot Dessert Bar, NYC

Adventurous Flavours

Adventurous flavours come to the forefront as the boundaries between savoury and sweet are blurred. Jerusalem artichoke ice cream, black garlic meringue, and carrot sorbet take us on a different journey - tastes that keeps the category new and more relevant as desserts lead the way in terms of creativity. Image - Carrot ice cream, black rice pudding, green gram dumpling, Avartana, Chennai, India

Classics take centre stage

For some consumers only the traditional recipes meet the grade, however, others want the same but different. Black forest, Eton mess and tiramisu with different flavours and formats dominate. Take a charcoal Eton mess or tiramisu sundae for example. Image – lemon, elderflower & gin Eton mess, Healing Manor Lincolnshire, UK

Read the full categorywatching report on Desserts here.