Exploring categorywatching - Plant Based & Free From

The latest report we have compiled as part of our categorywatching work offers improved insight as to the broadening trend for consumers to tap into the burgeoning likes of Plant Based and Free From culinary choices to diversify their diets, helping to reduced overall meat consumption, improve intake of nutrients and support an array of other reasons. Below are three of these trends which have stood out most clearly to us as of late.

Plant-based replicas continue to prove popular

Be it the recent collaboration from KFC and Beyond Meat or a desire to produce meat which appears to 'bleed' like the real thing, the emulations of the real thing are only proving more popular, with the use of the likes of beetroot juice to produce a 'fresh from the butchers' look to the food. Not only do these products appeal to plat-based consumers, but also those who are proceeding to take a 'flexitarian' approach to their eating.

More than imitation

A plant-based approach is not simply a tool to produce imitation food, as the natural occurrence of a plant-based diet is of growing interest to consumers, especially as the spotlight shines ever more intensely upon global cuisines and dishes which have been plant-based for centuries. This has resulted in cravings which produce more adventurous tastes, with Ethiopian brunch (cubes of kabocia squash, crumbled injera, berbere sauce and cashew yogurt) at Brooklyn's Bunna Café being a great example of this.

Diversification amongst the scene

Though the likes of beetroot and mushroom have been long held favourites amongst the plant-based and free-from foo, a more varied mix of vegetables are beginning to make a greater appearance; think carrot dogs and seaweed sausages as a different and tasty approach to the classic mushroom burger! We picked Eat By Chloe's Smokey Carrot Dog served New York style with yellow mustard and sauerkraut in a potato bun.

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