Exploring categorywatching - Savoury snacking

We've compiled our latest categorywatching report covering crisps, nuts and savoury snacking. To highlight the main points of interest from the report we've pulled together three key take outs to showcase what we've seen happening within the category of late.

Flavour is king!

Flavour is king within savoury snacks as international and local seasonal tastes collide. From Wasabi and ginger crisps and Peri Peri biltong through to tempura battered locally grown green tomatoes we are taken on a flavour journey that is remembered way beyond that first crunch or bite.

Example: Peri Peri biltong, M-eat!, UK

Branching out

While crisps and peanuts remain the go too snack for many of us, we are seeing alternatives that branch out way beyond potato crisps. Dragon fruit, watermelon and mushroom chips offer something different as well as coming with a healthier halo.

Example: Asparagus chips, Vegan Robs, US

Innovation and breaking the mould

As any time snacking becomes the norm and the quest for high protein and filling snacks accelerates, we are seeing innovative yet decidedly different snacks come to the table such as 100% chicken snack bars, plant based quinoa bites, and fish skins. Fish skins have the added bonus of being a sustainable option which ups the appeal even more. With so much choice savoury snacking is anything but boring...

Example: Black truffle fish skins, London Fat Duck, Singapore

Read the full categorywatching report on Crisps, Nuts and Savoury Snacking here.