Exploring the Rise in Sleep-Friendly Sweet Products

Last summer we reported on the trend of 'Sleep' and the number of products, including food and drinks goods, that are becoming more and more popular to help the ever more busy consumer to ensure a good night's sleep. Having covered the trend it's no surprise to see new products such as Nightfood Ice Cream in the US and Sleep Well's Chocolate Milk in the UK going to market.

Launching at the end of last year, the new product from Sleep Well is a chocolate version of its namesake milk drink designed to help a good night's sleep combining valerian, a herb used as a traditional sleep aid, with milk and honey.

Sleep Well founder Sam Watts explained more, saying: "What we do 30 minutes before we head to bed directly impacts the quality and quantity of our sleep. Creating positive sleep habits is essential and Sleep Well is designed to be part of a healthy bedtime routine."

Over the pond in the US, Night Food Ice Cream recently launched ice cream pints with sleep-friendly ingredients in eight flavours. The ice cream uses low-lactose dairy, said to be easier for digestion, a specific type of cherry with increased levels of melatonin, as well as increased amounts of magnesium and calcium, both of which are claimed to improve sleep quality.

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